• 100 things to do in Gran Canaria to feel very canarian

    100 things to do in Gran Canaria to feel very canarian

    When we were thinking about things to do in Gran Canaria we noticed how many things there are to do in this great island. Gran Canaria offers an impressive diversity of activities, and it is really hard to get bored in the island. Canarian locals are very proud of the island, but, how many things to do are we missing? 
    We leave you a checklist of 100 things to do in Gran Canaria to find out how many of them you have completed or not. Consider it a bucket list. Compete with your friends to see who’s more canarian than gofio or propose yourself to do the entire list this summer! Do you accept the challenge? 

    We have divided the list in four different categories: gastronomy, activities, beach/sea and nature/mountain. 



    We all like to have a good potaje or some papas arrugadas with a lot of mojo picón. However, we challenge you to see how much you know about canarian cuisine. Have you done all there is to do gastronomically in Gran Canaria? 

    1. Eat a bocadillo de chorizo de Teror in the Plaza del Pino (Teror). 
    2. Have churros and a leche y leche for breakfast in one of the bars of the Mercado de Vegueta
    3. Try the coffee of Agaete in one of its plantations.
    4. Go to a canarian wine tasting event in one of the wine cellars of the island.  
    5. Go to the Ron Arehucas factory and try out one of the liqueurs they produce. 
    6. Ask for fresh fish in a restaurant of the Agaete Port
    7. Make some papas with mojo to your friends. 
    8. Go tapas a thursday evening in Vegueta. 
    9. Have a tunos indios juice or milkshake in Zumolandia.

    10. Enjoy an asadero with your friends in Llanos de la Pez.
    11. Achieve that in a restaurant they serve you sancocho ;) 
    12. Buy fresh and local products in the market of San Mateo.
    13. Overcome the Gofio Challenge /or canarian showcooking 
    14. Have a cocktail in Puertillo(Arucas).
    15. Have an icecream from Peña la Vieja while you stroll through Las Canteras.
    16. Go to Valsequillo to eat strawberries. 
    17. Eat almond sweets in the Nublo bakery in Tejeda. 
    18. Have a Strawberry Clipper, Nestea Mango-Pineapple or an Appletiser with your friends. 
    19. Have a glass of milk with gofio for breakfast. 
    20. Learn how to make gofio mousse. 
    21. Go to a canarian banana plantation.
    22. Visit the Casa del Queso in Guia to learn how to make Flower Cheese
    23. Try allthe ambrosia flavours. 
    24. Learn how to make pucheroor typical potaje. 
    25. Try the delicias de Teror(chorizo and morcilla of Teror balls with breadcrumbs) in the MC Cafetería Restaurant.  


    There are many things canarian people do daily. Others, not so often. However, to celebrate how we feel, sometimes we like singing, dancing and practicing sport in a unique way. How many have you done? 

    26. Go to a romería.
    27. Enjoy the CARNIVAL.
    28. Cry at the Sardina Funeral (end of carnival).
    29. Find the Canarian Treasure
    30. Watch one of the canarian dances in the Plaza del Pilar Nuevo.
    31. And join them dancing.
    32. Practice with your siblings/friends Lucha Canaria
    33. Manage to do a Salto del Pastor without hurting yourself. 
    34. Go up the Cathedral’s Tower.
    35. Visit the Canarian Museum.
    36. Run the San Silvestre race under the winter sun ;) 
    37. Throw a party on a ship with your friends.

    38. Touch and ride everything in the Elder Museum. 
    39. Give indications to a lost guiri
    40. Sing at the top of your lungs “Enamorate de mi”.
    41. Laugh with a comedy show from a canarian artist. 
    42. Go to Tejeda for the Fiesta del Almendro en Flor.
    43. Sleep the night in a cave-house of Artenara. 
    44. Go to a street concert around the Confital area. 
    45. Go to a concert in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium
    46. Walk all the way to Teror for the Fiestas del Pino
    47. Go to Fiesta de la Rama in Agaete.
    48. Stay in an apartment or hotel of the south of the island. 
    49. Grind your own gofio.
    50. Discover Catalina’s Monster


    Beaches and Sea

    It is easy to end up in the ocean when you live on an island. We love the sea and sunbathing. Have you completed all these things to do? 

    51. Build a sand castle in Playa del Ingles.
    52. Dive in Sardina.
    53. Go see the dolphins that surround the island.
    54. Have a swim in the natural swimming pools of Bañaderos. 
    55. Swim to La Barrain Las Canteras Beach.
    56. Learn how to surf in la Cicer. 
    57. Walk to Güigüi
    58. See a sunrise from Tufia. 
    59. See the sunset from Puerto de Mogan.
    60. Go kayaking  from Mogan to Tiritaña.
    61. See the fireworksfor San Juan from Melenara (Telde). 
    62. Have a nap in Anfi beach. 
    63. Relax near the bufadero de la Garita.
    64. Do the croqueta  (roll down) in the Dunes of Maspalomas.

    65. Go to a beach cleaning in the island.
    66. Swim in open sea. 
    67. Visit the cave of  La Reina Mora in Telde.
    68. Have a walk through the promenade between Amadores and Puerto Rico while you see the waves. 
    69. Ride all the attractions from Aqualand/Aguasur.
    70. Have a mud therapy in Tiritaña.
    71. Go to a beach that can only be reached by sea.
    72. Visit 5 beaches/natural swimming pools in the north of the island in a weekend. 
    73. Practice yoga in Montaña Arena.
    74. Inspect the submarine caves at Besudo Beach
    75. Take a picture of a sea turtle


    The island not only offers incredible beaches, but also thanks to its diversity it has beautiful landscapes and multitude of activities to do in the mountain peaks. There are many ways of staying in touch with nature in Gran Canaria, how many have you done? 

    76. Go to Guayadeque ravineand eat in a cave restaurant.
    77. Go down the Bandama Caldera.
    78. Go to the Charco Azul.
    79. Climb the mountain in Arucas and have a coffee in the restaurant.
    80.Admire the views from the Pico de las Nieves with the Teide as your background. 
    81. Look for a clear place to see the Lágrimas de San Lorenzo  (meteor shower). 
    82. Visit the interpretation center of La Fortaleza
    83. Go to Roque Nublo.
    84. Go to Roque Bentayga.
    85. Do a hike in the Cernicalos ravine.
    86. Go through the Guiniguada ravine from Triana to the Jardín Canario
    87. Stop the car to take an Instagram pic in one of the cliffs at the northeast of the island. 
    88. Visit the Parque Arqueológico del Maipés in Agaete.

    89. Practice climbing in the island.
    90. Go camping in Tamadaba.
    91. Visit the Cueva Pintada in Gáldar.
    92. Walk from Presa de Chira to Presa de Soria.
    93. Visit the Mundo Aborigen in the Fataga ravine.
    94. Take pictures from the Barranco Oscuro (Dark ravine).
    95. See the ancient paintingsfrom the Balos ravine.
    96. Go to the Finca de Osorio and, if possible, plant a tree. 
    97. Descend from the Pista de Tirma to the coast. 
    98. Walk across the Hondo ravine.
    99. Stay to sleep in the cabins at the Garañón
    100. Discover the jewels of the Virgin in Teror. 

    Here ends our 100 things to do in Gran Canaria list. However, we understand that not everybody can do the things that are on the list, or some want a bigger challenge. For this reason, we have left you some extra things you can do in Gran Canaria! Don’t miss out how many things you can do in this island: 

    1. Bike through the Avenida Maritima  in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

    2. Go see ALL the museums in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (CAAM, Castillo de la Luz...)

    3. And if you still have time, even go see all the museums of the island. 

    4. Watch an operain the Teatro Perez Galdos. 

    5. And a theater  performance in the Cuyas Theater

    6. Take an instagram pic  in the Vacas ravineand post it on Instagram. 

    7. Do the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from San Fernando to Galdar

    8. See the solstice from the Necropolis of La Guancha


    To do all the things that are in this list, we recommend you read our transport guide and bus routes in Gran Canaria article to help you get by bus to most of these places or Things to do in Gran Canaria to learn more about all there is to offer in the island. 

    What are your thoughts on this list? Calculate how many of these things you have done and compete with your friends to see who manages to complete the entire list before. We would love to know more about your experience in the island so… come meet us and tell us your story! 


    Author:  Maria Gomez 

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