• Best places to go on Gran Canaria for couples

    Best places to go on Gran Canaria for couples


    Is Gran Canaria an appropriate place for couples? We would say YES in capital letters, with the same emotion as if they asked us to get married right now on the island. There are idyllic and romantic places for love birds. Keep reading because we are going to tell you the best places to go to in Gran Canaria for couples. 


    We have asked our canarian Instagram followers which are for them the best places to surprise their partners in Gran Canaria. We have collected all these places and added our own touch to it. The list of places could be infinite, depending on tastes and activities that you are prepared to do in Gran Canaria. 


    As the island of Gran Canaria is a continent in miniature, there are plans for all types of public: for adventurous couples, romantic ones, couples who are pursuing paradisiac sceneries, explorer pairs... If you still are unsure of what type of partner you identify yourself with, we invite you to escape to Gran Canaria and feel amazed with how many things you can do here. 


    Also, if you are thinking about having your honeymoon in Gran Canaria, this blog will be very handy to decide what things to do in Gran Canaria depending on how long your stay is. 




    In the middle of the hectic centre of the capital of Gran Canaria there is a park that still remains calm. Doramas Park is located very close to the Mesa y Lopez area. It is in a very quiet area, surrounded by a neighbourhood called Ciudad Jardin which was founded by british people during the 18th and 19th centuries. 

    Doramas is a canarian aboriginal name. In specific, Doramas was a warrior who fought against the castilian conquerors and who lost his life at the mountain in Arucas. Inside this park there is a small waterfall and a small pond where ducks and swans swim freely. There is a small park with a lot of charm that houses canarian flora among other species. There are also many benches and grass areas where you can sit down to rest. An ideal plan to spend a romantic evening with your partner in Gran Canaria. 




    The Confital beach is located in the historical neighbourhood of La Isleta, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and is a great chillout place in the city. 


    This beach is annexed to Las Canteras beach. In fact, you can access it by walking from Las Canteras. The promenade from La Puntilla to Confital beach is very pleasant, as it is a very beautiful paved promenade. 


    The Confital beach is called this way beause in the past a red algae called confite was very common here. Once this algae died, it would solidify, changing to a white colour and becoming as strong as stone. 


    This beach is not very transited and there is even a nudist area in the Confital. It is a great place to chill out, enjoy the coast scenery and disconnect with your partner in Gran Canaria. 



    For the good food-loving couples, we propose you the following plan. Maybe you do not have time to go have breakfast outdoors during weekends or having a brunch with your partner in the city where you are from.


    The avenue and the transversal streets to Las Canteras beach are filled with restaurants, cafeterias and bars. Many of which have loads of charm.


    If you are one who'd rather have breakfast looking at the ocean, there is a place we strongly recommend. By coincidence or not, the cafe is called The Couple and it offers full english breakfast, french or spanish breakfast, brunchs... The portions are generous and you will get filled up with energy and love at the start of your day. Specially recommended for the #foodies couples! 




    On the outskirts of the centre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and bordering the municipality of Santa Brigida you will find the great Jardin Canario which amazes visitants and residents. The Jardin Canario or Jardin Botanico de Viera y Clavijo is a canarian delight located in Tafira


    Get lost inside the garden with your partner and discover these small romantic corners of Gran Canaria. This garden is one of the biggest ones in extension in Spain, counting 27 hectares. There are flora and fauna species which are endemic from the Canary Islands as well as from the Macaronesia zone (Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde...). 


    The entry to the Jardin Canario is free and it opens every day from 9:00 to 18:00.




    Visit the old town of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after the sunset. All of us who have visited Vegueta during daytime can confirm that during the night it has a special charm.


    Spend a romantic night in Vegueta, strolling through its narrow and colourful colonial streets. The faint lights invite you to wander around its streets and the silence will accompany you in your way. You will feel how you and your partner will be the protagonists of the night. Perhaps, after the walk you will even consider getting married in Gran Canaria ;). 


    We recommend you walk around this area with plain shoes, as walking in high heels can become all an adventure (only suitable for all terrain couples). If you do not want to miss out Vegueta throughout the day, we invite you to discover the Canarian Treasure of Vegueta with us! 






    Teror is one of the towns with most charm of the island. The houses of the old town with their wooden balconies have been constructed to be photographed. There is no better way to discover this town than with your partner and taking pictures that will not only remain in your photo album of your phone but in your memories. 


    The calmness of Teror invites you to have a walk with your partner as if the clock has stopped. In this town there are no hurries and the typical gastronomy will help you keep conquering your partner through their stomach. 


    Some of the things to do in Teror are: visit the Finca de Osorio, do some hiking to the Cruz de la Hoya Alta or eat a baguette of chorizo with Strawberry Clipper




    The time has arrived to go upwards and talk about lookouts. In the municipality of Arucas you not only have to try the rum, but also climb Arucas mountain by car (if you drink, don't drive). Once in the mountain there is enough parking to leave your car. 


    At 412m altitude you can either confess your partner how much you love them in one of the lookout points or have a sweet canarian coffee in the restaurant of the mountain. 

    From the lookout points you can see all the north coast of the island and the imposing church of San Juan Bautista that was built with blue stone from the quarry in Arucas. 

    Bring some binoculars and surprise your partner with this small detail so the panoramic view is complete. 




    We reach the 1813m of altitude, enough altitute to start an adventure with your partner in Gran Canaria. 


    The first stop to rest and refuel your belly will be Cruz de Tejeda. Here there are cafeterias, a hostel, gastronomic spots and some toilets. After driving for some time you deserve a rest. 


    To continue, go to the historical centre of Tejeda. The town of Tejeda is impressive, not only for the views it offers to Roque Bentayga but also for the nature and beauty that surrounds it. Sweeten your love with some marzipans from Tejeda (dulces de almendra) in the Nublo bakery


    After lunch, drive to the car park of the Roque Nublo to start the walking hike to the Natural Monument of the Roque Nublo. The hike is circular and it is easy level. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Roque Nublo and another 45 to return to the car. 


    The evening from Roque Nublo is spectacular, with the peak of the Teide in the background (from the island of Tenerife) and the orange tones in the sky. We recommend you bring a jacket with you. 

    In this scenery of the Roque Nublo you will feel like you are in the moon, like when you fell in love for the first time with your partner. This is an escape for couples that will strenghten your relationship. 







    In the municipality with the most hours of sun throughout the year you will enjoy the paved streets with small cannals and its white houses with bougainvillea and strelitzias in the balconies. 


    We advise you see the sunset from the other side of Mogan's beach. You will find here many couples and groups of friends sitting down by the rocks to see the sun hide. 


    After the sunset, walk through the streets to choose the restaurant that inspires you the most romanticism. Surely your partner will love the plan of dining under the moon's light with a glass of red or white wine with its origin in Gran Canaria. 


    It is very pleasant and romantic walking during the night by the small Venice of Gran Canaria. 




    Another plan to do in couples in Gran Caanria before the sun hides. Your surprise starts at the Maspalomas Lighthouse, and what a better location to indicate your partner that there will always be a light guiding your way. 


    The lighthouse in Maspalomas is in the south of Gran Canaria and was built in the 19th century. Visit the museum of the lighthouse and learn the ethnography of Gran Canaria. After the visit to the interior of the lighthouse, watch how the sun hides. Here you can declare your love at a temperature of 22º. 


    The promenade of the Meloneras Avenue is ideal for couples. The establishments and restaurants invite you to have a very romantic dinner. If you are a pair that enjoys walking and having nice conversations with your couple, don't doubt coming here. 




    And if you prefer having fun and deciding crazy plans with your partner, you cannot miss out a visit to the Dunes of Maspalomas. 


    The Dunes of Maspalomas are a Special Natural Reserve from the municipality of San Bartolome de Tirajana. You will find ahead of you a desert that ends in the ocean. 


    Wander between the dunes with your partner and then watch the sunset from the lookout point in the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas


    It feels amazing to step on the golden sands of the Dunes and take dreamy romantic photos. Here you will remember with your partner that there are hard bits in the relationships that will strengthen your bonds if you walk through the path of love. 




    There is a plan that is always appealing: spend a day in a Spa. Whether if you live in Gran Canaria or if you are only visiting, some hours of relax between mineral waters will be great for your health. 


    In Gran Canaria there are about 20 spa centres, almost all of them located in the south area of the island. Have a view to the Spalopia webpage to find the centre that best adjusts to your needs as a couple. 


    We are sure we forgot some other romantic and adventurous corners on the island. We have done this on purpose because our list of things and romantic places in Gran Canaria to do is infinite. You will discover that this island is magical and that there is something that catches everyone who lives and visits the island for the first time. 



    The magic of love awaits you in Gran Canaria ❤!


    Written by: Elena Castellano 

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