• Transport guide and bus routes on Gran Canaria

    Transport guide and bus routes on Gran Canaria


    The Handy team normally uses the public transport from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, to other parts of the island. It is a very convenient way to travel within the island as car park can be hard to find sometimes. If you rather travel more comfortably it is always convenient to share a taxi.


    Gran Canaria transport from airport



    Do not panic if you have not arranged a transfer service from the airport to your accommodation location. Fortunately, Gran Canaria airport is well connected with buses and taxis that frequently run to Maspalomas, Mogán and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


    Gran Canaria airport bus


    Your new adventure has started and as a traveller looking to go local you will have to keep in mind that Canarian people say GUAGUA /ˈwa.wa/ instead of BUS.


    The bus stop at the airport is outside departures and you can purchase the ticket directly from the driver. Although, be aware that the transaction is only in cash (euros). There are currency exchange services and ATMs inside the airport if needed. The bus service company is GLOBAL and they are easy to recognise as all the buses are painted in blue.


    This is the most affordable way to leave the airport and prices vary accordingly with your final destination. The single fare to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is 2,30€ and 6,80€ to Puerto Mogan.


    Here you will find a bus schedule with destinations, prices and different bus routes. For more detailed information click on this link that will redirect you to the Aena public transport guide.

    • Bus number 60 to/from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: to/from San Telmo station is 2,30€ one way ticket and to/from Santa Catalina station is 2,95€. The distance from gran canaria airport is 25 km, which is around a 25 minute-drive. Some buses stop over in San Telmo station (underground) and then continue the journey until Santa Catalina station (underground). Check out timetables and stops here. This guagua runs every half an hour.


    • Bus number 91 and 5 to/from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: the bus 91 runs during the day and the bus 5 runs at night. The 5 line stops over at the airport during certain hours.  Make sure you check the timetables before you travel.


    • Buses to/from Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles or Puerto de Mogan: If you are looking to arrive to some resort areas such as Patalavaca, Arguineguin, Puerto Rico or Puerto de Mogan you will have to take the 91 line and prices from the airport are around 5€ for one way ticket. The fastest buses to Playa del Ingles, Faro de Maspalomas or Bahia Feliz are line 90 and line 66. To get to Telde or Carrizal (Ingenio) take the line 36 and to Agüimes the line 11.


    Gran Canaria airport taxi



    Another alternative is taking a taxi outside the airport to arrive faster and more comfortable to your final destination. This option may be convenient when you have big or heavy suitcases.


    The price to go to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria varies regarding time, traffic and season, but it is normally around 35€ - 40€. If you are looking to go to southern destinations such as Maspalomas or Puerto de Mogan prices may go from 40€ to 65€ per ride depending on the distance.


    Another option to get to any other part of the island is to book for your own service in Taxi2Airport.


    Gran canaria buses


    Using the public transport when travelling to a new place is the best way to truly experience the destination and share unique moments with local people.


    There are two different public bus companies running through the island. One of them is GLOBAL for long distances and their buses (guaguas) drive to destinations outside the main city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The other company is called GUAGUAS MUNICIPALES (yellow buses) these buses only drive within Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


    The main bus stations are San Telmo (close to Vegueta and Triana areas) and Intercambiador Santa Catalina (close to Las Canteras beach, to Mesa y López and Guanarteme) and a fun tour called “Catalina’s Monster”❤).


    Guaguas Municipales company (yellow buses) are especially useful when travelling from/to the upper part of the city e.g from 7 Palmas to Vegueta or from Escaleritas to Santa Catalina.The reason behind this statement is that the terrain is quite hilly, so walking or cycling may not be the best options.


    Prices and tickets for Guaguas Municipales


    It is advisable to buy a bus pass (Bono Guagua), which is contactless, as it makes the ride cost cheaper. The ride costs 0,85€ instead of 1,40€. There is an initial payment of 1,50€ for the pass (non refundable) and the minimum amount to top up is 8,50€.


    Whenever you are staying in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria it will always be easy to find an authorised point where you can top up the Guaguas Municipales pass.


    The other way is purchasing the fare ticket directly from the bus driver. The price per ride is 1,40€


    To know where the nearest top up point is, you can check here. It is highly recommended to download the App “GuaguasLPA” to check the bus lines, timetables, journeys, save favourite stops… It works very well and it might help you to not get lost in the city.


    The most frequent buses that travel during the day around the lower area of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are:

    - Line 1 (Teatro - Puerto)

    - Line 12 (Puerto - Hoya de la Plata)

    - Line 17 (Teatro - Auditorio)

    At night bus L1 covers part of route for day lines 1 and 12. And L2 night line joins the Teatro and Santa Catalina. Night buses run every 45 minutes. Furthermore, these buses are perfect to arrive to our tour “The Canarian Treasure” as the meeting point is located in Plaza de Santa Ana.


    Bus routes in Gran Canaria


    After exploring the amazing city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria it is time to go further and get impressed by the stunning landscapes and the beauty of the small cities and villages in the centre  and north of Gran Canaria.


    Remember, that the blue guaguas (GLOBAL BUS COMPANY) are the ones to take to be able see these wonders. Unfortunately, there is no way to know the bus stop number or how far you are from your destination. So we will advice to either pay attention or ask a local.


    Don't miss these 15 bus routes on gran canaria



    It is worth taking a bus to visit places that are a must for less than 5€. Here you are below a useful list with with this places and the bus to take to arrive.

    Check Google Maps to know the best way to get to your destination. For example, if you got to Teror and want to visit later San Mateo is not necessary to come back to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria because there is a bus that departs from Teror bus station.

    Remember that the payment must be done directly to bus the driver in cash (20€ is the maximum banknote allowed).


    From San Telmo - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria station


    1. Teror → 216 or 229 lines. Single ticket one way is 2,30€ and it is 45 min- journey. This bus takes you directly to our Teror lovely walking tour

    2. Arucas→ : 205, 206 or 210 lines.  Single ticket one way is around 2€. It is a 35 min-journey.


    3. Guía or Gáldar → 105 bus line. 2,85€ to Guía or 3,10€ to Gáldar one way single ticket.


    4. Puerto de Las Nieves (Agaete)→ 103 bus line. One way single ticket 4,30€.


    5. Santa Brígida→ 301 or 303 line. One way single ticket 1,65€.


    6. San Mateo→ : 303 bus line. One way single ticket 2,55€. .


    7. Tejeda→  From San Mateo bus station get the line 305. One way single ticket 2,55€.


    8. Firgas→  204 bus line. One way single ticket 2,85€.


    9. Puerto Rico − Amadores − Tauro − Playa del Cura → 91 bus line. One way single ticket 7,55€


    10. Faro Maspalomas → 50 and 30 bus lines drive directly. 05 bus line runs in the evening and at night. One way single ticket 6,15€.


    Santa Catalina - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria bus station


    11. Faro Maspalomas → 30 bus line. One way single ticket 6,80€


    12. Puerto Mogán → 91 bus line. One way single ticket 9,40€


    13. San Mateo → 323 bus line. One way single ticket 3,20€


    14. Santa Brígida→  301 or 323 bus lines. One way single ticket 2,30€


    Faro - Maspalomas bus station


    15. Tejeda → 18 bus line. One way single ticket 6,15€.


    Taxis Gran Canaria


    It is said that taxi fares in gran canariaare one of the cheapest in Spain. The price for just getting into the taxi in the capital is 2,30€ and a short ride in the lower part of las palmas de gran canaria doesn’t cost more than 5€ - 6€. The taxi fare at night starts from 2,95€.


    Sometimes it is worth getting a taxi with 4 people instead of getting a bus because you save time and money. On public holidays prices change. In case you need to pay by credit card, ask to the driver for a PDQ (datáfono) in advance. There are extra supplements for stopping at port areas.  

    Taxi drivers are friendly and they will welcome you with a nice smile.


    Renting a car, motorcycle or a bike in Gran Canaria



    Renting a car or a motorcycle to drive around the island is highly recommended to visit remote places that public buses don’t go to. Some recommended local car rental companies are Lencaror Cicar. For motorcycles, a recommended local company is Canary Ride

    If you enjoy travelling to places while riding a bicycle, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria we have the Sitycleta service. They offer several options to register, but the easiest is to use the App ‘Sitycleta’. With the app you just need to introduce the code of the bicycle which you want to rent. Prices start at 1,50€ for half an hour and then 0,50€ for every additional 30 mins until reaching 2hrs. Another advantage of using this service is you can pay it with the Bono Guagua, so you can combine travelling on the bus and by bike.

    Moving by public transport in gran canaria during your holidays might be a new chance to talk with locals or listen to their conversations and try your Spanish skills. Local people are very friendly and will help you to communicate although they can’t speak English.


    Now you know all the bus lines and available options to travel by public transport. We are waiting for you in Teror, Vegueta or Las Canteras solving mysteries and overcoming canarian challenges! 

    Vegueta- The Canarian Treasure

    Las Canteras- Catalina’s monster

    Teror- The Jewels of the Virgin


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    Written by: Elena Castellano

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