• Best vegetarian restaurants in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Best vegetarian restaurants in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    If you have recently landed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria or you are living here for a long time, this post is going to help you to decide where to eat vegetarianin the city. 

    We do the same when we are travelling. We don’t know where to go for eating until a friend give us recommendations or we follow some good reviews online. 

    You are lucky because we were born in Gran Canariaand we love eating food! #foodies #local

    Since a couple of months, Elena started to be interested in eating a plant based diet for sustainable reasons. She also loves cooking and preparing healthy recipes at home.

    On her spare time, she runs an Instagram account about healthy food. Its name is @jovenysana (in Spanish) and she helps young people to inspire them to do easy and healthy food preparations. 

    We have chosen our favourite places in town, those that we have tried several times and they are really worthy. To these places we invite our friends, we meet up with our #handies there, go with the family or even alone. 

    Every moment is perfect to find out that the healthy food is #yummy! 

    Little by little there are more options and places in Gran Canaria that serve vegetarian or vegan food and even some traditional restaurants are starting to include in their menus veggie options. Hurray! 

    10 vegetarian restaurants that are worth to try in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Some of the restaurants below offer no-vegetarian meals on the menu, like meat or fish. There are veggie options on them. 

    1- Bioloco

    This is probably the only vegan restaurant in town, 100% vegan. It is located close to Las Canteras avenue, on Alfredo L.Jones 33 street. 

    On the menu you will find tofu, seitan, chickpeas burgers, big and small salads… The milkshakes are different from the classical milkshakes that are everywhere. Milk and fruits, this is old-fashioned. Here you have different and healthy ingredients in the milkshakes such as chia seeds, oats, honey, spinach... awesome! Aída always asks for one when she is there. Don’t forget about the desserts, they will surprise you. 

    They got big salads, with a lot of ingredients so you won’t get hungry if you order the big size.

    As starters we recommend you to order “papas arrugadas” (wrinkled potatoes that are typical from the Canary Islands) with classic sauces. Actually, the Canarian version has “mojo picón” (spicy sauce) on it. But new versions are always welcomed. 

    The waiters are very friendly and they talk in English. Animals are allowed to enter in the local and it is perfect for big groups since the restaurant is quite big.

    Although you are not vegan, you must come to try it because in terms of quality and price is very good and the tastes too. Normally Elena orders here a seitan burger or a big salad full of nuts. 

    2- Meraki - come bonito

    It makes us very happy to name this restaurant because it is managed by two young girls from Gran Canaria, just like us! 

    The name of the restaurant comes from a greek word that means love, passion and creativity for doing something. And they show all of this in their meals.

    It was opened in June 2016 and since then they haven’t stop working, innovating and smiling. Their stories on Instagram are quite funny and they act very natural on the screen. 

    From Monday to Friday they served a daily menu until 5pm. Recently the girls added new timetables for dinners on Thursdays and Fridays. 

    All the meals are delicious, a conscious way to cook and tastes that will carry you to the most unexpected places in the world. A new way to taste, definitely. 

    The local is comfy and it is located behind Santa Catalina Park, on Veintinueve de abril, 48 street. 

    3- Dara feeling food

    Dara is the owner’s name, she was working in Ireland some years ago and gained experience in ecological cooking. When she came back to Gran Canaria, set up her little restaurant which it had success and started to run other locals little by little.  

    The local is very spacious, modern design, comfy and well illuminated. There is an area at the end of the local that is perfect to work alone or in team with the laptop. 

    It is offered breakfasts, brunches (from 12 pm), lunches (menu) and dinners. It is convenient to check the local timetable on Facebook or Google before to go, just in case it is not opened. 

    From Monday to Friday there is a menu to have lunch with the veggie meal of the day. The desserts are homemade pastries. Here, the flavours are delightful, taking care of every detail. Moreover, there is a little shop inside to buy teas, panela sugar, flours… 

    This place is ideal to meet up with friends, to talk in calm and even to work online. 


    4- Coki

    This is the Elena’s favourite restaurant in town. When she doesn’t know where to go, this option is always right.

    There are two locals, one located in Triana area (Perdomo, 20 street) and another in Mesa y López (Psje. Inglaterra, 5 street). Our favourite is in Triana because of the cozy and calm environment. Both places offer the same menu and delicious too.

    We recommend to book in advance for Fridays and weekends since it is usually full. 

    It is offered vegetarian and non vegetarian food. The menu goes from salads, zoodles (zucchini spaghetti), couscous to pasta, lasagnas and burgers. The plates are quiet big and full of ingredients, so you will be full with just one order (even men that normally eat more) 

    As veggie options you have: chickpeas burger with sweet potatoes and beetroot chips, veggie couscous, zoodles, veggie lasagna, “alcalina salad” and starters like hummus, guacamole and veggie chips. 

    Desserts are a must here too. To sum up: big plates and good quality.

    5- Zoe food

    In this restaurant you can find only vegetarian, vegan food and for people with food intolerances. 

    It is located in San Telmo area, exactly on Domingo J. Navarro, 25. The local design is original with a vintage style, very nice. 

    Apart from offering breakfasts, lunches (daily menu) and snacks, it counts with a little shop with organic products. Go along with a natural juice because they are made with a lot of love. 

    The staff is kind and nice, in particular the owner who is helpful and talks in English. Here the environment is calm, perfect for a brunch to share with friends or just for making a work break. 

    6- Mr Kale food

    We are in love with the local design (modern and well illuminated) and with its philosophy. Only for that reason it deserves a visit.

    It is located in Triana area, exactly on Cano 35 street (close to Vegueta, the old town). It is also possible to eat outside, at the terrace where you can enjoy the good weather. 

    This restaurant is perfect for every moment of the day: breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. The variety of natural juices is big and with non common ingredients too. To have breakfast, it is recommended to go for a bread with avocado on it (among all of them on the menu) accompanied with a natural milkshake or a fruit bowl. 

    To have lunch, we normally order something to share as starter and then, a vegan wok with noodles or pad thai. Other times we ask for a veggie burger or a quinoa salad. Aída’s favourite dish here is the quinoa couscous. 

    There are meals of the day available, out of the menu. 


    7- La Hierba Luisa - La cocina de la huerta

    Vegetarian restaurant located right on the pedestrian street in Vegueta neighbourhood (old town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), on Mendizábal 39 street

    It is offered a daily menu for lunch and menu à la carte. The dishes are very well presented and prepared. 

    At weekend it is opened so, perfect for special celebrations. Elena ate here for the first time with her mom who is not vegetarian but she liked it a lot. She was amazed with all the delicious flavours. 

    The local is very calm, it has good music and you feel peace in the environment. The staff is lovely, speak in English and are always ready to give you suggestions because they really know what to make with their products. All the products come from a vegetable garden.

    Prices are not especially cheap, but you pay the art of cooking and the quality. Coffees are accompanied with vegetable drinks.


    8- La cuchara sana

    Is there any place where to take away vegetarian food? Yes, indeed in this place there is only space to order and delivery food. 

    It is located in the upper side of the city, at 7 Palmas neighbourhood (Avenida Pintor Felo Monzón 32). 

    Check on their Facebook page the daily menu for lunches: tabulés, salads, soups, falafel, veggie nuggets, desserts… Go there to order directly or make a call, write them on Whatsapp or buy on Canaryflash (a food delivery). Once, we ordered carrot croquettes and we fall in love with the taste! 

    Another option for a long term is to order biweekly menus at home. In this way, your food is ready every day without worries. 

    9- Llévame al huerto - restaurante y ecomarket

    You are going to like this place because the food, environment and staff is fantastic. It is located in Mesa y López area, on Ruiz de Alda 26 street. 

    The menu has vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. It is perfect for organic food and vegetarian lovers, although some dishes include fish or seafood. From Monday to Friday it is offered a daily menu, with warm and cold meals available. 

    The local design transports you to another epoch, like if you were suddenly in the middle of the countryside. 

    Some non vegetarian friends were surprised when they tried the food because they would have never imagined that the healthy food was so delicious. 


    10- A tu salud cocina sana  

    The local name invites you to enter and eat. For your health! It is in Triana area, on Viera y Clavijo 27 street, close to the parallel street Buenos Aires. 

    Elena usually goes here to have a fast lunch during the week. There are veggie options on the menu for the first and second courses. 

    It is really helpful to have the menu for the week available in advance to check it. Just click on its menu here. In that way, it helps us to decide what day of the week is served the food we like most. 

    The local design is comfy and simple. The staff is kind and the menu price is quite affordable including bread and drinks. 

    Sundays are closed. It is offered delivery services for special celebrations like on Christmas time.

    Suggestions when you are going to a traditional restaurant without veggie options 

    • Ask to the waiter for a customised salad or without a particular ingredient.
    • Order the first courses because they are normally soups or salads. Sometimes the salads have tuna but if you don’t eat fish, order it without it. The Canarian vegetarian stews (potajes) are prepared just with veggies and our favourite is with watercress stew (potaje de berros). 
    • Order a very local dish like papas arrugadas con mojo picón (wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce). You won’t regret and it is a must to eat in your visit to the Canary Islands. 

    Join the vegetarian community and conscious community in Gran Canaria 

    You are lucky, because every time we get know more and more people interested in having a responsible consumption on the island and ready to change their lifestyle. 

    This map was a new discovery, save it on your phone! You will find places to eat,  ecological shops, gardens, beauty centers... The map is quite huge and it is recommended to use it when you have no idea what to do or you need new inspiration. Feel free to add more discoveries on the list if they don’t appear yet. 

    On the other side, join Facebook groups to share and connect with new people in town who have the same mindset, like Vegetarianos y veganos en Gran Canariaor Veggie meetups

    An useful App and website is HappyCow because it contains a complete map in Gran Canaria that shows you where to find restaurants, cafeterias, ice cream shops and restaurants with veggie options.  


    So now, where are you going to eat first? #feelhandyvistis #behandymyfriend


    Written by: Elena Castellano

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