Birthday celebration


Are you always doing the same thing to celebrate your birthday? Are you organising the same birthday celebrations every year? You go out for dinner, party or organise a surprise party and then your friends can’t attend… This year, indulge yourself and organise something out of the box for you and your friends. 


Join HandyVisits and show your friends what's your knowledge of the Canary Islands. Don’t worry if you are not having a birthday celebration this time because you can give this experience as a present to friends who are turning soon. It's time for revenge in a fun way while you are having a great time together. 


Choose your favorite tour for you or your friend. Find us in the following destinations in Gran Canaria: 

Vegueta: Perhaps we are going to find out a surprise in the Columbus House.
Teror: Perhaps we invite you to a bocadillo de chorizo de Teror or a Clipper de Fresa to celebrate this amazing day!
Santa Catalina-Canteras: Perhaps this year you become an authentic Canarian sailor. If the birthday celebration is happening in summer time, there is no better plan than coming to this tour. 


Tours are hold in English or Spanish and it takes 2 hours. What are 2 hours in the most special day of the year for you?


Remember this: best moments are behind the smiles. Come and become Handy birthday guy/girl or be a friend that give HandyMoments! 

Bachelor party

Are your last days of being single coming to the end or your friends are thinking about organizing a memorable bachelor party?
Come to HandyVisits to organise the most revolutionary and original bachelor party in Gran Canaria. Find out how your friends or yourself are looking for the most hidden mysteries of Gran Canaria  always in a fun way. 

Undress your mind and dare to travel around Gran Canaria with these three different tours: 

Vegueta: Perhaps you finish the tour with Christopher Columbus in a pub that night. 
Teror: Watch out for the Virgen del Pino! She is a brave woman! 
Santa Catalina - Canteras: Perhaps you go for a boat and become a runaway bride/groom.  


Show your attendees that you are creative even in your last day of bachelorhood.And the most important thing, your future wife or husband don’t need to know what happened on the tour but memories are always in our minds.


“Solter@ y sin compromiso, HandyVisits será tu vicio”.
“Single or gold single? HandyVisits is ready to mingle! 

Couple anniversary 


Celebrating that you are having one more year of relationship is always fantastic. It doesn’t matter if it is your first year together or that you have being together for a long time. We all love to organise something special to surprise our partner and enjoy this unique day as if it was the last. 


If you don’t have an idea of what to do this day, don’t drive yourself crazy and get in touch with HandyVisits. Enjoy with your partner something totally unique and exclusive for both in a fun way and with an mystery ready to be solved. 


This is the moment of doing something for the first time. Do you want to become a pirate or want to conquer your partner like the first time? We await you in: 


Vegueta: Perhaps your love is like Romeo and Juliet that happened in an lovely neighborhood like Vegueta. 
Santa Catalina - Canteras: Perhaps your love is like the Titanic film because it happened between the seas. 
Teror: Perhaps your love was simply born with a bocadillo de chorizo de Teror or a Clipper de fresa in a cozy town.


Choose the tour you like the most, use our funny accessories and collect our most valuable treasure, the HandyCoins! 


Photo Gallery

  • The most fun visit I have ever had!!

    If you like discovering local culture in a funny way, you will love Handy Visits! The tours are full of challenges and small games really fun to do. A unique way to learn more about the place you are. Just go!

    Edouard B
  • Original tour made by young and local guides

    Handy Visits is a start-up whom unique value proposition is to offer a new concept of interactive tours in Canarias. Young and local guides will lead you around in town in order to discover secrets and tips unknown at any other tourist, including backpackers.

    Alberto M
  • Una visita divertida con amigos y para toda la familia

    Una visita genial y diferente, llena de juegos. Experiencia innovadora y para rematar nos invitaron a una tapa de comida típica canaria. un 10!.

    Mateo J
  • A new fun way to discover Las Palmas

    They make discovering the old town of Las Palmas a game with lots of group tasks, quizzes and stuff. I had a lot of fun, lost track of time and learn a lot of interesting facts about the city, its conquering and foundation and canarian culture. Way better than just listening to someone telling you the buildings history. 100% recommended

    Isabel F
  • ¡100% recomendable!

    Hice su visita en Teror y Vegueta, fue muy divertida. Elena y Aída son personas encantadoras. El tour tiene una forma especial, y pude conocer la cultura canaria con ellas. No se puede comparar a otros tours que hice en otras ciudades. ¡Muy recomendable!

    Youjin Y
  • Very unique Teror experience

    I did the Teror tour - it was awesome! :-) Elena and Aída are doing a great job showing you around in a funny and entertaining way. Both are originally from Teror and know everything about the city. That makes it super authentic. We also got some water and snacks of local products, which is quite convenient (water) and interesting to experience (snacks). I would definitely recommend it!

    August M
  • Say goodbye to those boring tours while you travel to Gran Canaria!

    Do you like challenges? Say goodbye to those boring tours while you travel to Gran Canaria. Handy Visits is the best option to get to know the island, but in a funny and always-on-the-move way. I took the gastronomic tour in Teror, a lovely village in Gran Canaria. Found out interesting things about the place, explored hidden treasures and solved urban challenges. All this in a great and multicultural company. After this experience, Teror quickly became my favourite place on the island!

    Alina S
  • Discovering Teror

    Thanks a lot Elena & Aida for the lovely tour in Teror. Discovering the beauty of Teror and got to know a lot of insights with the special interactive tour. You are doing a great job

    Geert V
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