Teror is the hometown of the HandyVisits team and we are in love with all its places. Are you ready to fall in love too? 

Teror is a town in the center of Gran Canaria filled with of colorful houses and Canarian wooden balconies.

Moreover it is well known for the Virgen del Pino and here we invite you to discover the following mystery: Who stole the jewels of the Virgin?

Take a look below to see some places you are going to stop to discover the mystery.

You are going to overcome challenges and in the end there is only one winner. Will you be able to win?

  • Clock  Duration: 2 HOURS
  • Puzzle  Category: GASTRONOMY
  • Plaza del Pino (main square)

    Plaza del Pino (main square)

    Although the tradition says the final step to become a real pilgrim is to enter the Basílica del Pino to fulfill the promises, your pilgrimage hasn’t finished yet. In this stop we will tell you what happened in 1975 and we will get ready with the first challenges.

    • Pregunta  Warming up challenge
    Stop 1
  • Calle Real de la Plaza

    Calle Real de la Plaza

    The Calle Real de la Plaza is also known as “Balconies street”. Here we will make a stop to be the best #handyphotographer as this is one of the most photographed, picturesque and colorful streets of the island. Pay attention here because we will ask you something in this stop!

    • Pregunta  Pay attention to the balconies!
    • Pregunta  Calculation challenge
    Stop 2
  • Secret place

    Secret place

    We will take you to our favorite place and there you'll get a scroll with the instructions to overcome the challenge. Sneak peek: it is a reaaally sweet place ❤❤

    • Pregunta  We will stray a bit from the centre
    • Pregunta  Here you will live an authentic local experience
    Stop 3
  • Queque


    Are you hungry pilgrim? Luckily, Teror is well known for the “bocadillo de chorizo de Teror” usually combined with a typical soda of the Canaries. Don’t forget about the mystery of 1975 because at the end of the experience you will tell us your conclusions.

    • Pregunta  Think about the name of this place
    • Pregunta  Interactive challenge with locals
    Stop 4
  • Teresa de Bolívar Square

    Teresa de Bolívar Square

    Was Simón Bolívar here? In this little and cozy square with Latin American influences the experience will finish. Furthermore, we will tell you how many #HandyCoins each team has gained. Will you become a real Canary?

    • Pregunta  Guess what happened in 1975
    • Pregunta  Selfie challenge
    Stop 5

Meeting Point: at Pino's square, in front of the Basilica

Wait for us here at the time of the tour! Take the bus line 216 or 229 at San Telmo bus station to Teror.

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  • Teror

    Una forma novedosa de conocer un sitio tan agradable y único como Teror, en el corazón de Gran Canaria. La guía hace un trabajo espléndido, con el valor añadido de que es del mismísimo pueblo de la Virgen del pino. ¡Felicidades a las emprendedoras de Handy Visits!

    Luis M
  • Funny sightseeing with friendly people

    Yesterday I took part in a sightseeing tour around Vegueta in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. It was an different experience. The tour was created interesting and interactive with a small treasure hunt and at different quests with a little friendly competition.

  • Un tour innovador

    Una muy buena e innovadora experiencia. Me sorprendió gratamente ya que al residir en la misma ciudad no esperaba descubrir/aprender grandes cosas, ¡pero lo consiguieron!. Lo recomiendo si quieren descubrir la ciudad de una forma diferente y divertida.

    Miguel Ángel G
  • Best tour in Gran Canaria

    A great introduction to the city and Gran Canaria. This is the most fun you will ever have on a tour, as Aida and Elena make the tour fun and interactive and let you experience first-hand the friendliness of the people of Gran Canarian, as well as the food, language, music and many more things that make this island so great. A must do for anyone new to the island!

    Jo S
  • The most fun visit I have ever had!!

    If you like discovering local culture in a funny way, you will love Handy Visits! The tours are full of challenges and small games really fun to do. A unique way to learn more about the place you are. Just go!

    Edouard B
  • Original tour made by young and local guides

    Handy Visits is a start-up whom unique value proposition is to offer a new concept of interactive tours in Canarias. Young and local guides will lead you around in town in order to discover secrets and tips unknown at any other tourist, including backpackers.

    Alberto M
  • Una visita divertida con amigos y para toda la familia

    Una visita genial y diferente, llena de juegos. Experiencia innovadora y para rematar nos invitaron a una tapa de comida típica canaria. un 10!.

    Mateo J
  • A new fun way to discover Las Palmas

    They make discovering the old town of Las Palmas a game with lots of group tasks, quizzes and stuff. I had a lot of fun, lost track of time and learn a lot of interesting facts about the city, its conquering and foundation and canarian culture. Way better than just listening to someone telling you the buildings history. 100% recommended

    Isabel F
  • ¡100% recomendable!

    Hice su visita en Teror y Vegueta, fue muy divertida. Elena y Aída son personas encantadoras. El tour tiene una forma especial, y pude conocer la cultura canaria con ellas. No se puede comparar a otros tours que hice en otras ciudades. ¡Muy recomendable!

    Youjin Y
  • Very unique Teror experience

    I did the Teror tour - it was awesome! :-) Elena and Aída are doing a great job showing you around in a funny and entertaining way. Both are originally from Teror and know everything about the city. That makes it super authentic. We also got some water and snacks of local products, which is quite convenient (water) and interesting to experience (snacks). I would definitely recommend it!

    August M
  • Say goodbye to those boring tours while you travel to Gran Canaria!

    Do you like challenges? Say goodbye to those boring tours while you travel to Gran Canaria. Handy Visits is the best option to get to know the island, but in a funny and always-on-the-move way. I took the gastronomic tour in Teror, a lovely village in Gran Canaria. Found out interesting things about the place, explored hidden treasures and solved urban challenges. All this in a great and multicultural company. After this experience, Teror quickly became my favourite place on the island!

    Alina S
  • Discovering Teror

    Thanks a lot Elena & Aida for the lovely tour in Teror. Discovering the beauty of Teror and got to know a lot of insights with the special interactive tour. You are doing a great job

    Geert V

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